Versatile, unique, truly biodegradable food packaging that preserves the environment

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Evanesce’s technology is a truly sustainable solution for disposable food packaging that decomposes in under 90 days



We have patented new technology making our sustainable packaging, made from plant-based by-products, a truly compostable market option



Our technology was designed specifically to be cost competitve and have a shelf life of over 2 years while decomposing rapidly after use


Simple Change – Big Impact

Evanesce Packaging Solutions was founded in response to the growing global need to replace existing packaging technology with truly compostable, organic, sustainable alternatives with considerations for strength, insulation, nesting capabilities, but most importantly cost competitiveness.

Our proprietary biodegradable technology coupled with our collaboration with the world-renowned expert in food processing equipment Hass/Buhler, positions us to move quickly from development to production in 2019.

  • A fully compostable packaging that takes less than 90 days to decompose
  • Renewably sourced from biomass, our products are made from plant based by-products
  • A wide range of molded products, starting with meat trays and food trays, then expanding into cups, bowls, and clam shells
  • Commercially viable and cost effective, our products have a shelf life of over 2 years
  • Innovation: we plan to be leaders in the sustainable green packaging industry
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At Evanesce Packaging Solutions Inc. our goal is to revolutionize green packaging by redesigning standard disposable food containers. The difference with our eco-friendly compostable food containers is the main ingredient which comes from plant based by-products.

Currently, the majority of food packaging are timber and petroleum based products. Although they offer convenience, they pose a significant disposal problem as styrofoam food tray and laminated paper food packaging can take to up as much as 500 years to decompose.

Our products tackle the growing problem of environmental waste in the food service industry with our cost-effective and eco-friendly food packaging solution.

At Evanesce we want to disrupt and replace existing, non-eco-friendly packaging solutions in the food industry with alternatives that are: biodegradable, compostable, commercially viable, and cost competitive.