Caribbean Islands Region Lead Bans on Plastic and Styrofoam

Government officials have found that Styrofoam and single-use plastic products are causing mass destruction to the oceans and landfills. Many nations throughout the Caribbean are adopting a new way to remove these materials by banning them entirely.

Styrofoam products will not be able to be imported to the Caribbean. They are banned from also being used or stored anywhere on the islands. The Minister for Climate Resilience and the Environment, Senator Simon Stiell was the one that made the announcement regarding the ban.

The push is also there to provide a commitment to protect the area against natural disasters. The climate has shown high-levels of changes due to the waste and environmental hazards in landfills. They hope that by banning the Styrofoam products, it will show promise for the future.

Currently, 10 nations have chosen to adopt the ban and 5 others are considering adopting it, as well.

The finalizations for Grenada was set for February 2019, while Dominica made their ban effective in January 2019. Others are going to be making and finalizing changes throughout the year. Replacing Styrofoam products can be done by choosing less wasteful, more sustainable options such as paper, glass or steel reusable products.

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Original Article Source: Complete Caribbean