New York City Banning the Use of Single-Use Styrofoam Products

The ban on Styrofoam and single-use plastic has long been in debate for numerous areas. Effective 2019, single-use Styrofoam products are banned from use in New York.

All products that are used in businesses and households made from unrecyclable Styrofoam are no longer permitted within the area.

This means that any establishment is unable to sell, use, offer, purchase or distribute Styrofoam products at all. Loose fill packaging, such as packing peanuts are something that also cannot be used or stored for any purpose under this new law.

New York City’s Mayor Bill de Blasio feels that this change was long overdue for the area. For a push to become more environmentally effective, single-use Styrofoam products that would normally be thrown out can no longer be used.

The ban is on EPS Styrofoam products. In the past, it was thought that these Styrofoam products were recyclable. However, upon further inspection, it was shown that they are not. Styrofoam does not break down quickly. Due to this, it is causing landfills to fill quicker. The banned Styrofoam products include packing peanuts that would fill shipping boxes.

Many senators are happy with the ban and believe great progress is being made on the environmental concerns many have.

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Original Article Source: NYC Government