Progressive Grocer Feature: Eliminating Plastic Pollution at Retail

grocers and food service push for zero waste alternatives

Efforts geared toward zero-waste solutions not only appease government regulations, but also consumer demand for environmentally conscious packaging. According to a survey of 661 consumers conducted last year by Madison, Wis.-based Pinpoint Software, maker of an expiration and product-dating solution, more than 57% of consumers say that plastic and packaging waste is the most important grocery store sustainability initiative.

Zero-Waste Packaging Partners

Later this year, Evanesce, a sustainable packaging disruptor, plans to launch its own patented solution for greener packaging that will help food retail, foodservice companies and food processors reduce their packaging costs while meeting increasing environmental regulations and public demand for more sustainable solutions. The company’s vision is to eliminate single-use plastics with its patented compostable technology using plant-based byproducts. According to Evanesce, its proprietary starch- and fiber-based meat and meal trays are approximately half the cost of leading green tray alternatives and are expected to be available at mass scale in early 2022.

The Vancouver, British Columbia-based company has already introduced its modified polylactic acid durable straws that compost within 90 days.

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