Vancouver will introduce ban on plastic straws and polystyrene products on June 1, 2019

As part of Vancouver’s Zero Waste 2040 strategy, Vancouver will introduce a distribution ban on straws and polystyrene products on June 1, 2019. This strategy was approved by councillors in a vote in May 2018.

A new and flexible bylaw was also approved by Vancouver council to reduce amounts of disposable cups in addition to plastic and paper shopping bags given out citywide.

Under this bylaw going forward, businesses will have to choose one of the following options:
· Zero distribution of disposable cups or paper / plastic bags.
· Charging a fee for disposable cups or paper / plastic bags.
· Additional solutions to be discussed and proposed through continual consultation with small business owners and the City of Vancouver.

Vancouver plans on supporting this initiative by bringing a city-wide distribution ban on single-use bags and cups if targets are not reached by 2021. To aid in this transition, the city plans to invest in education for small business owners as they learn to adapt to this new and much-anticipated change.

Over 2.6 million non-compostable cups and 2 million plastic bags are disposed of on a weekly basis.

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Original Article Source: CBC News