Patrick Wang

Patrick has over 25 years of experience in marketing, business development, managing large sales teams, and large business management. His experience spans across the sectors of public health, medicine, food and education. He was the head of the OTC division of Kunming Pharmaceutical Group and Group Marketing Director of Wuhan Jianmin Pharmaceutical Group; the two companies merged, under his leadership to become HuaLi Global Corp., a leader in the pharmaceutical sector in China.

His extensive experience covers the entire product line system management and development, from research and development, to market analysis of the entire process, consumer behaviour research, advertising promotion, public relations, as well as budgeting and the preparation of annual financial reports.

Patrick Wang graduated from the Faculty of Environmental Medicine at Bethune Medical University and worked for CFDA in Beijing for five years before completing his MBA at CUBU China. His interpersonal skills, including personality and management style, have been instrumental in building and managing a team of 3,000 employees for Juneng Limited. The team achieved a 20-fold increase in sales in four years, with revenues of 1 billion yuan ($200 million) in 2002, making Juneng as the second fastest-growing company in China’s Health Food industry.

Patrick founded Canada Bethune Management Corp in 2006 and has built a strong business network focused on investment, cultural exchange and international education. Patrick developed student exchange programs between China and Canada. He also encourages people with an international perspective to invest in related projects so that they can share the resources of mainstream Canadian society.