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Guided by the circular economy, our technology is made with upcycled plant by-products that decompose within 90 days.



Our sustainably sourced plant-based materials start from the earth and get returned to the earth after use.

Cost competitive


Designed to be affordable, our technology costs almost half of other eco-friendly alternatives.

Evanesce Patented Technology

Simple Change – Big Impact

Introducing our revolutionary technology

Evanesce was founded in response to the growing global need to replace existing packaging technology with truly compostable, organic, sustainable alternatives with considerations for strength, insulation, nesting capabilities, but most importantly cost competitiveness.

In collaboration with the world-renowned expert in food processing equipment Hass/Buhler and using the latest advancements in material science, our innovative and patented Evanesce® Molded Starch technology is a truly sustainable packaging solution.

  • Optimum combination of starch and fiber
  • Flexible inputs of starch and fiber
  • Upcycled plant by-products
  • Bio-safe coating
  • Patented manufacturing process
  • 100% compostable, decomposes in 90 days or less
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Best-in-class PLA food packaging

Introducing our high-quality line of PLA products that are made from renewable sources of corn. Our PLA products are made with best-in-class PLA resin and are an affordable alternative to plastic for the food services industry.

With superior quality, they look and feel like plastic, but are an affordable solution that’s better than plastic. Made from renewable sources of corn, our entire range of PLA products are certified compostable.

  • Certified BPI commercially compostable
  • Fast crystallization
  • Heat resistant
  • Superior functional strength
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Over 380 million tonnes of plastic waste is created each year and 40% of global plastic waste comes from packaging. But less than 10% of plastic is recycled.

At Evanesce, we’re challenging the global paradigm of packaging by reusing food waste, reinventing packaging to reform our place in nature.  Guided by a circular economy approach, our products are truly sustainable and affordable.

As a complete solution to replace plastics and Styrofoam in global packaging, we are committed to accelerating the adoption of sustainable packaging. To tackle the growing problem of environmental waste, we deliver innovative solutions that are compostable, commercially viable and cost-competitive.